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Relax at Hilton London Green Park hotel and enjoy friendly, personalized service with multi-lingual staff to make you feel more at home. Set in a charming Georgian townhouse, this Mayfair hotel is within close walking distance of Green Park Tube Station and is close to a variety of local attractions.

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Enjoy an afternoon stroll through one of West London’s beautiful Royal Parks such as Green Park or Hyde Park. Dine on fabulous international cuisine in the bright, contemporary conservatory at Tiger Green Brasserie or indulge in afternoon tea and savour our signature gin cocktails.

Afternoon Tea at Hilton Green Park

The History of Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea is said to have originated in the 1840s. Anna, The Duchess of Bedford, often became hungry in the mid afternoon and requested that her maid serve her tea with sandwiches and cakes.
Anna began to invite friends to join her and a new social event was born that became increasingly popular with the middle and upper classes.
Once introduced to London, Afternoon Tea breathed new life in the social scene and continues to do so to this day. Here at Tiger Green Brasserie we have taken these two British traditions and given them a contemporary makeover fitting for modern day London.

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All of our Afternoon Teas are served with a selection of 12 different loose teas.
All sourced from Twinings, here in London.

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Afternoon Tea is Served Daily from 1pm to 5pm,
in the Tiger Green Brasserie.


A unique Afternoon Tea experience exclusive to the Tiger Green Brasserie. A traditional Afternoon Tea with sandwiches, scones and cakes. Served with your choice of signature cocktails.



The traditional Afternoon Tea served with a glass of Champagne, selection of sandwiches, scones, clotted cream and cakes.



Chocolate Afternoon Tea consists of chocolate cup cake, chocolate éclair, white chocolate panna cotta and chocolate brownie. Selection of five finger sandwiches, chocolate scones, clotted cream and cakes.



The traditional Afternoon Tea. Served with a selection of sandwiches, scones, clotted cream and cakes. Along with the selection of teas.



Scones with clotted cream and preserve. Along with the selection of teas.



Sandwiches £3.50
Scones £4.50
Cakes £5.50



Elderflower & Blossom Darjeeling
1st flush Darjeeling (picked end of March, normally in a 1-2 week period). 1st flush preferable in Darjeeling as hibernation over the winter means first leaves packed with nutrients and flavour. Grown at high altitude, has strength yet subtle flavour. Pink flowers are corn flowers, the yellow are marigold. These are purely aesthetic and don’t add to flavour. Elderflower flavour is non natural.

Jasmine Pearl
A green whole leaf tea that has been hand rolled – great tea theatre when they brew and unfurl. Rose petals and camomile add to the floral aroma. Leaf is picked just as it is about to open and then laid on beds of jasmine to gentle infuse its aroma. This process is repeated several times until the plantation master feels this process is sufficiently completed.

Emerald Dragon Oolong
A green, Chinese oolong. Gently bruised to create semi oxidisation by rolling in bags, which gives slight discolouration to the leaf. This creates a light and delicate cup. A bright, light yellow cup it is refreshing, summery and clean on the palate. It is a speciality tea with subtle flavours.

Redbush Caramel Velvet
Not a tea, classified as an infusion. High in antioxidants and has zero caffeine. Should be brewed for around a minute only to keep strength lower. Sweet, sugary and caramel. A soft drink with no harsh, astringent tones. Described as indulgent and decadent.

Rosy Fig White
White tea is the least processed of the 6 types of tea. Chinese tea, air dried, plucked in the spring for the best quality flush Thick and indulgent flavour, almost cloying and a very unusual flavour pairing. Very theatrical tea

Apple and Elderflower Green
Green Tea base (steamed not pan fired) so mellow, softer and brighter in colour. Easy to drink, very acceptable green tea for the new green tea consumer. From Eastern China. Sweet and refreshing.

Full English
60% Whole leaf – 40% CTC. All Assams in the blend, picked in June for the CTC, July for the whole leaf. All 2nd flush (highest quality). CTC is in there to help give quick colouration, infusion and more powerful flavour that the consumer demands. Malty and full bodied with a brightness that highlights the superb quality

Mighty Assam
100% whole leaf – 2nd flush. Selected from only the highest quality regions within Assam, tend to be in pockets either above or below the Brahmaputra. Oil sheen when left for a period of time shows quality. A stronger, more robust, fuller bodied tea than the Full English. For those looking for a hard hitting tea.

Assam and Kenyan blend Decaffeinated using water pumped with carbon dioxide. Water is pumped around the leaf which pulls out the caffeine. A less effective method of decaffeination than dichloromethane, which extracts more natural flavour from the leaf. Good aesthetically. Much better tasting than other decaf’s due to a much higher tip content.

The Earl
Blend of black Chinese teas with bergamot flavouring and lemon peel. Bergamot an off breed of a key lime and bitter orange, sourced in Italy. Base is higher quality, less smoky and more delicate the envo offering. Bergamot less overpowering than in other blends of earl grey and Twinings was the first company to produce the blend.

A deliciously juicy and fruity blend, packed with wonderful countryside flavours.

Thoroughly Minted
Everything you expect from the ultimate mint experience – glorious peppermint, rounded with vibrant bursts of sweet spearmint.


Afternoon Tea is Served Daily from 1pm to 5pm, 
in the Tiger Green Brasserie.

Surcharge of £3.00 per person will be applied on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.


Address: Tiger Green Brasserie, Hilton London Green Park Hotel, Half Moon St, London W1J 7BN

Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7629 7522

Web:  http://www.hilton.com

Nearest Tube : Green Park


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