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Following a critically received and a near sell out run at the Hill Street Solo Theatre at the 2014 Edinburgh festival, In Your Face Theatre Company are proud to revive “Trainspotting” the 21st anniversary production for an exclusive run of performances at the Kings Head Theatre in London

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Working from the original Harry Gibson’s adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s cult generation defining novel, before it became a global success as a film, instantly successful and controversial. It won the Sunday Times award for best new play. It is the story of Mark Renton and his friends in the Edinburgh heroin scene of the eighties.

Irvine himself affirms: “Seeing my words performed by actors had a big impact on me. I went to see a rehearsal of the original Traverse production in 1994. I was thinking: ‘It’s only my scabby wee book, what the fuck is all the fuss about?’ It was when I saw them doing their lines, the whole thing was removed from my head into the world, and I saw it for the first time how others were experiencing it. I felt the power of it for the first time. I walked out there believing that I had actually done something special. I knew it would be a great play, and I wish In Your Face theatre well with this new production”.

This freshly revisited production will combine the best of the August 2014 show but will retain all the power, humour and immersive techniques.

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“This is a vital restaging that suggests that a brand new generation might just be en route to finding their voice.” Glasgow Herald

Suitable for Adults Only.

BOX OFFICE: 0207 478 0160


Kings Head Theatre, 115 Upper St, N1 1QN

Nearest Tube : Angel


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